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The STEM of Fashion Design

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Beyond Beautiful: Jewelry,
3D Printing + Design Thinking

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Textiles + TechStyles™:
Wearable Electronics

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Pretty Brainy

Whether Her Dream Is to Be a Rock Star or a Rocket Scientist, We Have the STEM Workshops to Capture + Grow Her Interest.

Course: FashionablyMashed®: The STEM of Fashion Design

Next Class: To Be Announced Soon.
Location: Art Lab, 239 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO | Register today

Think fashion design is all glamour and fluff? Fashion designers are knowledgeable about history, science, mathematics, art, human behavior, communications and more. Jump into the science + math at the heart of fashion design today. FashionablyMashed® takes you through steps of professional fashion design, from concepting to costing. You’ll work with color theory and physics, economics and sustainability, business math and consumer science, soil science and human behavior. You’ll also work with the cool tools and critical questions designers face every day. Here’s your opportunity to explore how fashion can be your tool for making the world a better place.

Course: Beyond Beautiful: Jewelry, 3D Printing + Design Thinking

Next Class: To Be Announced Soon.
Location: Preston STEM Institutes | Please apply + register through the Preston STEM Institutes

Can a piece of jewelry solve a problem? Can bracelets and necklaces, besides being beautiful accessories, be useful to the people who wear them? Beyond Beautiful will take you into the world where creativity and technology are besties. You will —

* Design jewelry that is as useful as it is beautiful + fun.
* Work with a 3D printer and learn to code.
* Learn the beautiful process of Design Thinking.

Course: Textiles + TechStyles™: e-Textiles + Wearable Electronics

Next Classes: To Be Announced Soon.
Location: Preston STEM Institutes | Please apply + register through the Preston STEM Institutes

The best young designers, says a New York Fashion Week veteran, know how to solve problems, critically think, create and innovative — all at the same time. This course helps you learn how. Textiles + TechStyles™ combines technology and fashion so you may design accessories that light up, twinkle, glow, and more. You’ll work with textiles, electronic components for textiles, micro-controller circuit design, and the process of Design Thinking. You’ll also work with the precision for bringing your design to life + forming a pitch for your finished piece. E-textiles is about what’s exciting in tech and fashion around the world now, and here’s your chance to take part.

STEM Learning That’s Hands On, Project Based and Steeped in Real-World Thinking + Problem-Solving Helps Students Develop the Talent to Be Competent + Competitive in the 21st Century.

Girls in STEM Learning . . .

  • Build self-confidence.
  • Increase their interest in STEM.
  • Learn problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration + more.
  • Work with decision-making, forming questions, abstract reasoning + more.
  • Have fun!


Join a Pretty Brainy STEM of Fashion Design workshop. Choose from among the dates offered and bring your friends. Next half-day workshop: April 14. Register here!


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“I felt like a real designer.” — Zoe, 7th grade