"Respect what girls bring to science and math, and you create a force for innovation and growth." — Heidi Olinger, founder & CEO, Pretty Brainy

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Testimonials from Educators & Girls in STEAM Education


— Tracy Winey, STEM consultant & media specialist, Preston Middle School


Ciera, FashionablyMashed Graduate


“Heidi Olinger’s presentation, content and message were phenomenal. I think it is a very overlooked fact that young women can be smart and beautiful and that the most beautiful thing about us can in fact be our intelligence. This is something that should be celebrated and in the spotlight. I loved seeing how the girls positively responded to such a message, quickly brainstorming quirky quotes and statements to show off their beautiful minds. Thanks so much for sharing with them. It is something I know I will remember forever.”
— Linley Miller, Las Chicas de Matemáticas, University of Northern Colorado


“Participating in the FashionablyMashed program has been an AMAZING experience for my Intro to Fashion class! This workshop helped my students see the actual applications of being a fashion designer and taught them how other disciplines fit into fashion. The students were also able to create and produce an actual product. From the beginning of a design to the final product, you can’t get any more real-world than that!”
— Shannon Dreessen, FACS teacher, Webber Middle School


“Heidi’s presentation was phenomenal. What a great way to get girls who are complete strangers engaged in creative thinking that requires problem-solving, communication, and reasoning.”
— Hortensia Soto-Johnson, Ph.D., director & founder, Las Chicas de Matemáticas, University of Northern Colorado


“The experience of working with Pretty Brainy was extremely positive! Students selected positive words and images for the attitude that they wanted to portray on their t-shirts. It was very clear that students identified themselves as being smart and confident… and wanted others to know it too!”
— Susanne Martino, parent & Outstanding Secondary Math Educator, Colorado Council of Teachers of Math, Preston Middle School


The Buzz about Pretty Brainy

“Just heard the NPR piece about Pretty Brainy and your founder Heidi Olinger’s vision. I LOVE what you are doing. Congratulations on having the courage to tackle this head on. The pernicious messages our girls’ are hearing through things like the JC Penny t-shirt example just sickens me. SO cool to see a company like Pretty Brainy sending out the right message to our girls. Way to go Pretty Brainy team!”
— Kim Coupounas


The Buzz about Our STEM Gifts

“Wearing my Go Girl! girls t-shirt makes me feel special — like I’m a part of a group of strong, smart girls.”
— Reilly, age 15


“I purchased matching Pretty Brainy girls t-shirts for myself and my 7-year-old daughter. When I gave it to her she squealed and immediately put it on. She loved it immediately! It’s now one of her favorites. Recently we wore them to a baseball tournament and got many compliments on our matching girls t-shirts. It was really fun to bond with her in that way. This unique girls clothing makes both of us feel special.”
— Paulette Hansen, career mom & director of Career Development,
The Neenan Company