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  • STEM Learning workshops for girls

    Girls Love Our STEM Workshops

    At Pretty Brainy®, we know girls’ opportunities expand when they engage STEM. Our unique program, Fashionably Mashed, gives girls hands-on, project-based learning in the STEM at the heart of fashion design.
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  • Teen Girl Gifts

    Girl Gifts,
    Girl Empowerment,
    Girl Fashion

    Empower the teen and ΄tween girls in your life with smart girl gifts from Pretty Brainy®. And women, give yourself a Pretty Brainy® boost by shopping our boutique.
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  • STEM Learning

    Pretty Brainy® Is Award Winning

    The Mom’s Choice Awards® honored Pretty Brainy with its highest award for designing products that help ΄tween and teen girls stay strong in interests, like STEM learning, that lead to future careers.
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  • STEM learning

    A Book for a STEM-driven World

    FashionablyMashed: The STEM of Fashion Design exceeds national standards for STEM learning in a presentation students love and teachers praise as phenomenal.
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  • Teenage Girl Gifts, STEM learning

    Pretty Brainy Is a
    Devoted to Girls
    in STEM

    Our reason to be is successfully engaging girls in science, technology, engineering, art and math through hands-on, real-world learning.
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What percent of students who take the AP computer science exam are girls? What can the answer mean for you?