STEAM Learning That Values How Girls Experience the World


  • STEM Learning workshops for girls

    We design curricula that respect how girls approach science, technology, engineering, art, and math, or STEAM.


    Why? We are living in the Digital Age, and yet from 2000 to 2008, the number of young women interested in majoring in computer science dropped 79%.

  • Teen Girl Gifts

    We give girls this challenge:


    “With Design as Your Tool, How Will You Make the World a Better Place?”

  • STEM Learning

    Outcome: Over an 11-week period, 100% of girls in our spring 2014 program showed increased self-confidence in their STEM abilities.


    What’s the big deal? Research funded by the National Science Foundation shows a girl’s interest in science & math is fed by her confidence that she can successfully do the work.

  • Teenage Girl Gifts, STEM learning

    Outcome: Fourth and fifth grade girls in our eTextiles program built microcontroller circuits, blending these with textiles.


    Their focus? Safer runners and cyclists.

  • Teenage Girl Gifts, STEM learning

    Outcome: Middle school girls in our engineering design thinking course created technology that addressed community problems and the people affected by those problems.


    Their goal? Stop adolescent self-harm.





What percent of students who take the AP computer science exam are girls? What can the answer mean for you?

If we are going to increase the number of females in STEM, the education they receive must value who they are and how they see the world.